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Bacillus Thuringiensis (B.T.)
Bacillus subtilis
Validamycin • bacillus cereus 37% WP
Validamycin • Bacillus Cereus 12% Ap.
Buprofezin • Etrofolan 25% WP
Validamycin • buprofezin 30% WP
3% validamycin pyrimidinenucleoside AS
Buprofezin • monosultap 25% WP
480g/l chlorphrifos EC
Chlorfluazuron • carbofos 30% EC
Validamycin • Bacillus Cereus 12% Ap.
Properties: It is curative and protective; good effects on fungus diseases of crops. It can boost the growth of crops and increase production.
Use Technology & Method:
Crop (range)
Control Target
Use Level
Use Method
sheath blight
1. Keep 3-6cm thick of water layer of the field after application.
2. No mixing with basic substances.
3. Apply it 2 times max. for each season, preharvest interval is is 14 days.
4. During the application of this product, you should wear protective clothing and gloves; should not eat or drink water; wash hands and face timely after application.
5. No contacting water source.
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