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Bacillus Thuringiensis (B.T.)
Bacillus subtilis
Validamycin • bacillus cereus 37% WP
Validamycin • Bacillus Cereus 12% Ap.
Buprofezin • Etrofolan 25% WP
Validamycin • buprofezin 30% WP
3% validamycin pyrimidinenucleoside AS
Buprofezin • monosultap 25% WP
480g/l chlorphrifos EC
Chlorfluazuron • carbofos 30% EC
Chlorfluazuron • carbofos 30% EC

Properties: It has high contact and stomach toxicity; has unique mechanism of action; broad spectrum; low toxicity to human and animals.
Use Technology & Method:
Crop (range)
Control Target
Use Level
Use Method
Spodoptera litura
1. No mixing with basic pesticides.
2. This product is toxic to bees, fish and silkworm, and keep this product away from them.
3. During the application of this product, you should wear protective clothing and gloves; should not eat or drink water; wash hands and face timely after application.
4. Apply this product 3 times max. for each season, preharvest interval is 14 days.
5. Better use it with other pesticides with different toxicity mechanism.
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